Bill Moss

Chair of the Advisory Board

Bill Moss AO is a well-respected and highly regarded Australian businessman, philanthropist, and polymath.

Bill has extended over 45 years in business development and Senior Management in the areas of; Banking, Corporate Finance, Investment Banking, Real Estate Funds Management, Asset Management, Development Management, Mortgage Securitisation, Tourism, Hotels, Leisure, Medical Research, Biotech, and Innovation.

Bill spent 23 years as a senior executive, Executive Director, and Group Head of Macquarie Banking and Real Estate Group, and a member of Macquarie’s Executive Committee for the last 10 years.

He built an international business and created new global business partnerships that were highly successful. Initially he employed one-person in1984 with limited access to capital, which grew to over 12,000 staff in 2006, located in 9 countries. Bill was a director of over 200 companies within the group.

On his retirement in March 2006, Macquarie had joint ventured, financed, or managed in excess of $50 billion of global assets in Direct Real Estate and Real Estate Funds Management in either its own capacity or with global partnerships.

In 2007, Macquarie was voted No.1 Investment Manager in Asia, Australia, China, Hong Kong, Singapore and the USA in Euro Money, Liquid Real Estate Awards.

In 2006, Bill Moss AO left Macquarie Group to pursue both business and philanthropic initiatives which included the establishment of the FSHD Global Research Foundation, Australia's first not-for-profit organisation focused on finding treatments and a cure for Facioscapulohumeral Dystrophy (FSHD) from which Bill suffers, and to manage and expand the Boston Group of Companies investment portfolio.