Homes for the good

In Australia, only 15% of Muslims own their own homes. At Crescent Finance, we offer a home finance option to provide opportunities for all Australians to build financial security in line with Islamic values.


Ijarah home finance

Ijarah home finance is a game changer for many Australians who were previously locked out of home ownership or felt they had little alternative but to take out a traditional Australian mortgage that is not Shariah-compliant.


Crescent Finance

How we’re different

We will always be upfront with where our funds come from, and we structure our Ijarah home finance in a way that doesn’t charge interest.

Islamic principles forbid the charging of interest, so our halal, or Shariah-compliant, home finance arrangements tap funds from investors who are paid a regular revenue based on rental payments made by the owner.

The result? A Shariah-compliant home finance product that unlocks the door to property ownership for thousands more Muslims in Australia and non-Muslims seeking an alternative to traditional Australian mortgages. 

Next steps